Baloghné Jancsovics Tünde

On this page, I use my own words to describe how I groom my dogs. I’m not a qualified dog groomer, what I know, most of it I learned from the woman who, in my opinion, is the most proficient groomer in the cosmetics of pumis. She is the real pumi specialist.

I thank her very much for everything.

The pumi is quite a heterogeneous breed and this is also reflected in the coat type. The desirable coat is 4-8 cm long, with a half-to-half ratio of softer undercoat and coarser topcoat. But you can also meet pumi with less hair, this type of hair requires the least care and there are also individuals with a lot of undercoat and little topcoat, they require more attention.

Regardless of the hair type of our pumi dog, let’s get him used to combing and scissors as a puppy. At first, this only means a few playful minutes, but the little one will get used to it and later it will not be a problem to use them. Only use a metal comb.

The fur of the pumi basically doesn’t require special care, depending on the type of fur, it is enough to comb it thoroughly every week or month. Since the pumi’s coat is self-cleaning, bathing is not necessary, unless it is taken to a dog show or it has gotten into something undesirable. If you bathe it, avoid the hair dryer if possible, if you do use it, DO NOT comb it while drying it! NEVER comb wet fur anyway. And don’t even use a clipper!

I comb each of my dogs thoroughly every week or two, as time permits. They are used to this, in fact, they demand it, so much so that they all want to be the first on the table… I also check them thoroughly, paying particular attention to the ears and sole pads. I remove the ingrown hair from their ears and if I judge that they are not clean enough inside, I also clean them outside. I cut off any hair that may have grown too long from the foot pads.
If we cannot cut our dog’s nails ourselves, we should take him to a dog groomer from time to time. In some dogs, the scent glands do not empty themselves, so they need to be emptied from time to time.

Everyone has the right to choose the shape of their pumi dog’s hair, but if we have already decided on this breed, we should try to preserve the character of the breed as much as possible.


The pictures above show the tools needed to take care of the pumi’s fur. Scissors for cutting hair, scissors for cutting hair between the soles of the feet, a felt remover, which can also be used to completely remove unnecessary undercoat, detangling comb, comb and finally the brush with a flexible head and double-sided metal teeth, which I really like.