Napos Hüvelyk Matyi

(SE CH, DK CH, NORDJW-15 Mariell De Marque Monark Maharadja – C.I.B, CH FI, CH NO, CH EE, CH LV, CH LT, BALT JCH, EEW-15, EEJW 15, LVJW-15, BALTJW-15, NORDJW15, EUW-16, BENELUXW-16, BEW-16, BALTW-16, TLNW-17, EEW-17, FIW-17, HeW-17, NORDW-17 Mariell De Marque Lothus Av Fylgia)



Matyi came to us from Finland, he was bred by Eila Metsavainio of Napos Pumi Kennel fame, using a combination of a Mariell De Marque Sire and Dam, both bred by Lena Johansson and Ingemarie Gradel. The result was an outstanding boy due to the collaboration of these two famous and historical kennels for which we will be eternally grateful.

He has produced:
Serteperti D litter (10.10.2020. Mother is Cuidado Xquisite Xotic “Ilka”)
Serteperti E litter (02.03.2020. Mother is Serteperti Ajsa)
Kisködmönös H litter (17.08.2022. Mother is Kisködmönös Ében)
Rebel from Mopdor A litter (08.29.2022. Mother is Catastrophe Pumida)
Kisködmönös J litter (11.17. 2023. Mother is Magasúti Íjász)


HD A, Patella 0/0
DM Clear N/N

Hungarian Puppy Grand Winner
Hungaria Junior Champion

1x CAC
1x Best of Opposite Sex