“I fear nothing now, blinked and licked the balmy, windy, old hand. The old man and the puppy looked at each other and understood each other. Bogáncs crawled even closer and headed to the old man’s knees. Then, like someone who came home from some great trip, he sighed for a long time. I want to stay with you. I’m just a puppy and I’m not nobody right now. Can I stay here?

Fekete István: Bogáncs

You can live without a pumi, but not worth

Dear Visitor, those of you who may be interested in bringing a Pumi into your life, I can assure you your life will change forever. You will be the most important thing in your Pumi’s life, you will have a life full of joy, love and energy and unrivalled intelligence due to the Pumi’s great adaptability in any situation and a great heart also. It will be eternal love. Believe me.

We would like to give you a very warm welcome to our website

Our names are Gabriella and Mark and we run a small hobby kennel in Kiskunmajsa, Hungary.
We have been involved in Pumi’s for more than ten years and it has been a wonderful journey with this quite amazing breed.
At the moment we have nine dogs, Degesz, Ilka, Sampo, Lonci, Ajsa, Matyi, Babarózsa “Rozi”, Giza and Haver, they are our life and give us so much joy.
We have been very lucky in the fact that three of our Pumi’s, Degesz, Ilka and Rozi are Hungarian Grand Champions, plus Ilka and Rozi are International Champions.
All our dogs have A hips, 0/0  patellas and all of them are DM clear.

On top of that our dogs attend regular herding, agility and obedience, which is a very important factor in stimulating the dogs as they have so much energy to burn. 
Our plans for the future will be to breed healthy Pumis with excellent temperament for show, herding, agility and other sporting activities, and we will be looking for homes for future puppies that will above all be a part of a loving family, the rest will come naturally.
If you have any questions you may want to ask about the breed, please feel free to contact us at any time.