Árkosligeti Kócos Degesz

(Á.K.Fergeteg x HCH Á.K.Ruca)
Breeder: Árkosi József-Kiss Barbara



He was the first pumi to commit us to the breed, he is without doubt the spearhead of Serteperti Pumi Kennel who produced our multi champion foundation bitch Ilka. He is a dog of excellent type and temperament, excelling in conformation ( winner of every Champion title available in Hungary barring  of course veteran title ) and herding.
To date he has produced seven beautiful litters:

Cuidado XX litter (Hungary, 20.10.2016. Mother HCH. Cuidado Utterly Unika, Breeder Kate Pinches). From this litter we’re very proud of our Ilka (Cuidado Xquisite Xotic) and her brother Teddy (Cuidado Xtra Xplorer), who lives in United Kingdom and he is very successful on many shows.

Titoktudó J litter (Hungary, 28.07.2016. Mother Titoktudó Aranymálinkó, Breeder Velekei Hajnalka). From this litter Titoktudó Jávor “Stikli” is Hungaria Junior Champion, Hungaria Champion and Hungaria Show Champion and he continues to be successful in the exhibitions. His sister Titoktudó Jegér “Freya” lives in Sweden and she is very good in herding. We’re very proud both of them.

Árkosligeti Kócos P litter (Hungary, 24.09.2018. Mother Árkosligeti Kócos Iluska, Breeder Árkosi József – Kiss Barbara).

Árkosligeti Kócos R litter (Hungary, 2018. 12.27. Mother Szutyoksári, Breeder Árkosi József – Kiss Barbara).

Csudapofa “Éber” litter (Hungary, 21.03.2019. Mother Titoktudó Holdas, Breeder Dr.Herceg Róbert).

Pumida C litter (Czech Republic, 15.09.2019. Mother Anarchie Pumida, Breeder Dana Kulhavá).

The first pumi litter in the Silhouette kennel (U.S.A., 14.12.2019. Mother Cuidado Yahoo Yolo, Breeder Cindy Cassidy).


HD A, Patella 0/0
DM Clear N/N, PLL Clear N/N

Hungaria Junior Champion
Hungaria Champion
Hungaria Show Champion
Hungaria Grand Champion
MPK Club Champion
Junior Club Winner 2014
Club Star 2015
3x Best Junior
2x Best Opposite Sex
8x Best Of Breed
He passed the FCI Herding Working Test

Titoktudó Jávor “Stikli”